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Guests at the Holyoke Canoe Club


Guest fees for the 2023 season are $5.00 (5 years of age and up).


  1. All guests, including those brought by boaters, must be signed in with the gate staff or at the kiosk located between the baby pool and the clubhouse. Envelopes will be provided at the kiosk. The fee should be enclosed in an envelope with the member and guest names on the outside, and placed in the lock box attached to the kiosk.

  2. If a member brings guests and does not submit guest fees within twenty-four hours, they will be billed the guest fee and a surcharge for violation of the guest policy.

  3. Absolutely NO PETS at any time. Dogs may be walked from the parking lot directly to a boat. Animals may not remain on the grounds at any time.

  4. NO SMOKING on the grounds of the club.

  5. Speed limit on club driveways is 5 MPH at all times. Please be considerate of our neighbors on Old Ferry Road when entering and exiting the Club grounds. 

  6. No child under the age of 14 shall be dropped off at the Club. Adult supervision is required for all children under 14. Parents of unsupervised children will be fined and may lose membership at the club.

  7. A family membership does not include any children 18 years or older, unless the child qualifies as a dependent on the members tax return. 

  8. Local guests (residing within 35 miles of the Club) may be invited only once per month and a guest fee must be paid.

  9. All parties and picnics must be approved by the Board beforehand. Requests should be made at least two weeks prior to event by emailing Sara English at

  10. There is to be no driving on grass throughout the club.

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