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Commodore's Emails

August 26, 2023  11:58 PM

End of Season Notes

Good morning,
The days are getting shorter and it feels like we are racing toward the end of the summer.  As a result, by the end of the week all of our staff will be back to school.  Many of our college students have left over the last two weeks and the high schoolers will be finishing out the season for us. I would like to recognize the staff, who did a great job taking care of the club, keeping us safe, managing the gate and maintaining the grounds throughout the summer. Please see below for end of season notes.

Pool hours
Please note, we are extremely tight on lifeguard staff to get us through Labor Day and the pool schedule will be limited at the end of the week.  See below and please check FaceBook if there is any question regarding weather.
Monday, August 28 11.00am - 7.00pm
Tuesday, August 29 11.00am - 7.00pm
Wednesday, August 30 11.00am - 7.00pm
Thursday, August 31 4.00pm - 7.00pm
Friday, September 1 4.00pm - 7.00pm
Saturday, September 2 11.00am - 7.00pm
Sunday, September 3 11.00am - 7.00pm
Monday, September 4 11.00 - 6.00pm Pool Closes for the Season

Tennis Pergola
Thanks to Michael and Barbara Davenport for donating the wonderful pergola to cover the tennis patio.  There has been a slight delay finishing the installation due to a faulty part, but Michael is working with the manufacturer to get a replacement.  A huge thank you for their generosity in the donation and the time and effort to get the pergola installed.  

As mentioned in an earlier email, we have had our first delivery of lumber to begin rebuilding docks.  We have also been working on removing the remaining docks that were left after the flood.  There have been some questions about using those docks, but they are not currently attached to anchors.  The anchors moved when the river rose quickly and were displaced.  The dock team are working hard to assess any parts that wil be able to be used to rebuild. Boaters should stay tuned to messages from Keith and Kevin for opportunities to help with the building of the new docks.

New Lawn Mower
Special thank you to Ben Thompson for donating another professional grade rider mower to the club.  It will be a great help to speed up the mowing process and will provide a terrific back up for the staff when the other machine requires maintenance. Thank you Ben!

Grounds open - Trash
Once the pool closes at the end of  next weekend, the grounds and pool house bathrooms will remain open through October.  During this time, we ask that you carry out any trash you may generate.  We will attempt to have staff cleaning bathrooms each weekend, but with limited staff availability trash does pile up quickly.  Please do not leave trash next to or on top of bins. There is a lot of wildlife on the property overnight and they will make a mess of any trashbags.

We will be hosting a fundraiser over the next couple of months.  Please be on the lookout for ways you can participate and support the club.  We have a strong and varied membership and are sure we can refill our coffers after a year with some large, unexpected expenses.

Annual Meeting
We will be setting a date for the annual meeting this week.  Please lookout for an email invitation and plan to attend the meeting.

Warm regards,

Sara English

August 11, 2023  5:59 AM

Camp out canceled, Busy Parking Lot, New Pergola, - volunteers needed, Monitor for Tennis Room, House Painting 

Good morning,
A few updates for the club a
s we head into the middle of August.  The club pool season will start to wind down as we  lose several of our staff members who will head back to college soon.  The high school students will not be far behind and we will let you know as the pool and gate hours may be modified toward the end of the month.

Unfortunately, we have decided to not hold the camp out this weekend.  We will look for a date to do a "s'mores night" before the end of the season. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 11 Busy Parking Lot
Our neighbors let us know they will be hosting a large party on Friday afternoon.  In an effort to be neighborly and to ensure our driveway does not get blocked, we have offered to allow them to park on our property.  Please note that there will be more cars than usual parked on Friday afternoon.  We do not anticipate it will impact our members in any meaningful way, but wanted anyone coming to the club to be aware.

TV Monitor
We are looking for a monitor to play a slide show of photos in the tennis lounge. If anyone has one they are not using we could put it to good use.  A television or monitor that can be mounted on the wall (preferably larger than 32") and take a USB stick would be ideal.  Please let us know if you have one that you are no  longer using and would be willing to donate to the club.

Tennis Area Pergola
Michael and Barbara Davenport have very generously purchased a pergola to provide shade over the patio by the tennis courts.  We could use some volunteers to help assemble and set it up. Michael has suggested meeting either Saturday or Monday morning.  Please be in touch with him directly at to volunteer.

Dock Update
As discussed at the recent Boater meeting, we are working on ordering wood and procuring a small workboat to use as we rebuild the docks and prepare the bank.  More updates to come as we make progress on the project.

House  Paintng Complete
The painting project of the main house is complete.  We are very pleased with the results and feel it will help to preserve our old building for the next several years.  Thank you for your patience as the project was underway.  Thank you to Board member Kevin Cochran for finding the vendor and managing the project.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Warm regards,

August 5, 2023  5:59 AM

Camp out, Club gear, Docks, Painting Project

Happy weekend!
A few notes as we enter our first weekend of August.  First off, welcome to several new members, we are very glad you have joined the club. We are sure there is plenty of the season left to enjoy!

Camp out
We have scheduled the family camp for next Saturday, August 12.   The plan is to set up tents in the picnic grove (area furthest behind the tennis courts) after 4pm. Enjoy the grounds and pools until they close at 8.  After 8.00 build a fire and make s'mores, then off to bed.  In the morning, we send someone for coffee and some munchkins to enjoy while everyone packs up.
The event is for adults and families.  Children may not participate without adults.  Members supply their own tents and any other camping equipment they wish.  The club will provide the s'mores and coffee.
Please fill out the form linked below by Sunday afternoon at 5.00pm.  At that time, we will determine if we have enough interest to move forward with the event. We will be looking for members to help with the fire, s'mores, set up and clean up. Please fill out the form: to let us know if you intend to attend.

Club Gear
For those who purchased items in our online sale, they have arrived at the club.  You may pick your items up from the gate staff.  Thank you for supporting the sale and we hope you will enjoy your gear!

Main House Storage Room
Please make every effort to keep this space neat and store your items along the walls.  Nothing should be in the center of the room.  Make sure all your items are labeled with your name and stored appropriately.  We are attempting to remove all the extraneous items in the room and don't want anyone's personal items to get mixed up.  Items that are not stored properly are likely to be thrown away inadvertently.

Work continues to design and rebuild the docks.  Additional messages will be sent to to the boaters as soon as we have some information to share.  There will also be fundraisers planned to help finance the project.

Painting Project Complete
We are delighted to announce the painting of the main house has been completed by Letendre and Son Construction. They did a great job and we are very happy with the results.  The Board continues to work to maintain the aging facilities.

On behalf of the Board, we hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable weekend.  As always, if you have ideas or talents to share with the club, we would love to hear from you.

Sara English

July 23, 2023 8:29 AM

Boating update, Ice Cream Social, Wine Tasting, Speed on Old Ferry, Tennis Room, Thank yous

Good morning,
Thank you to everyone who sent very kind wishes and offers of help following the email regarding the loss of the docks.  It was extremely encouraging to have so many offers for he
lp with fundraising, rebuilding, etc. We have a very talented and well connected membership and appreciate all of those offers. As plans develop, we will certainly put those offers into action and accept the help.

Boater Gathering
We continue to watch the river recede very slowly.  Plans are underway for how we will salvage anything that is left and to rebuild for next season.  Friday evening, July 28 we will have an informal gathering for boaters to hear about the current plans and gather ideas.  Please join us from 5.30-7.30 for pizza and beverages.  RSVP on this link if you will attend.

Ice Cream Social
Join us Friday night from 6.30-7.30 for an ice cream social.  We will have ice cream and toppings for all to enjoy.  We hope to have a relaxed Friday evening with you by the snack bar with time to see other club members and meet new ones.

Wine Tasting
The Wine Tasting is fast approaching, next Sunday, July 30 at 4.00.  We need to finalize numbers so we can place our wine order with Table and Vine West Springfield tomorrow.  It will be a fun afternoon with wine, food and music by the Bromantics.  The event will take place in the ballroom rain or shine.
Please RSVP here by Monday morning at 9am to confirm your attendance.
See the email about the wine tasting from last week (copied below) or respond to this email with questions.  Anyone looking for help putting a group together, we will be in touch in the next day or two to connect you to other members.

Speed on Old Ferry Road and into the Club
We have had complaints from our neighbors regarding the speed of members and guests entering the club on Old Ferry Road.  Please be good neighbors and respect the speed limit as you approach the property. 
In addition, we have had several members drive past the staff at the gate.  You should expect to stop every time you enter the club and give your name, extra points for being nice to the staff too!

Tennis Room Nearly Complete!
Thanks to the hard work of several members, the new tennis lounge will open later this week. I know it took longer than expected to get there, but  we are very pleased with the results.
A huge shout out goes to Brian Deschaine, carpenter and all around club fix it man! Brian spent several weekends at the club this spring and early summer to build and finish all of the walls in the space on his own time.  His time, efforts and expertise are so appreciated, especially because this is not the only project he has completed for us this year.  Thank you to Brian and his wife Genevieve (who I know could have had him doing projects at home) for their dedication and willingness to help in whatever area of the club has a need.

It looks like we will have at least a few sunny days this week to enjoy the club.  We hope you will get a chance to spend some time there either doing your favorite thing or attending one of the upcoming events.  Have a great week.
Warm regards,
Sara English

July 16, 2023 7:11 PM

Wine Tasting, Sunday, July 30, 4.00pm

Dear Members,
The Holyoke Canoe Club Events Committee is excited to invite you to our first Wine Tasting! We have put together a fun afternoon of wine, snacks, and music for us to enjoy on Sunday, July 30
 at 4:00 PM. Led by club member Keith McCrodden, we will gather in the ballroom to taste the selected wines, paired with small bites, interspersed with musical sets by the Bromantics.

Here’s how it works:

This is a BYOB event. Table and Vine in West Springfield has curated a package of five wines we will be tasting (and there will be a surprise dessert wine that night, too!) Please be sure to purchase the wines and bring them with you; we will supply the glasses, water and snacks. The menu has been selected to complement the wines, and will include Mexican themed bites, charcuterie, an
d cake and caramels for dessert. (If you have food sensitivities or preferences, please feel free to bring your own snacks as well.)

Wines will be available to purchase at the West Springfield Table and Vine between July 24 and 29 - just let them know you will be attending the Holyoke Canoe Club Wine Tasting. (By RSVPing in advance, they will have the packages ready, and they have offered us a discount depending on the number we order.) The wine package price will be confirmed after we add up the RSVPs (due on Sunday, July 23rd), but it will not exceed $75.

We recommend assembling a group of 4 to 6 people to share the wines. Non-member guests are welcome (the special event guest fee of $10/guest applies). If you don't have a group to share your wine, we are happy to try to pair you up with others. It will be a great way to meet some new members of the club you might not have spent time with before (and to split the cost)!

Obviously, this will be an adult only event.  Children will not be permitted in the ballroom during the wine tasting.

Please RSVP by filling out this google form
We'll need a headcount in order to plan for the wine, food, and set-up, so let us know by Sunday, July 23 if you plan to attend.

Best regards,
The Events Committee
Amanda, Genevieve, Keith, Liz and Sara

P.S.: If you do not drink wine, but would still like to enjoy the snacks and music, you are very welcome. Please let us know you will be there so we can have enough snacks and seats ready.

July 15, 2023 7:58 AM

Severe Dock Damage, Club Response


Good morning,
As you are probably aware, most of the marinas and docks on our section of the Connecticut River sustained major damage or complete loss during the flood this past week.  Unfortunately, we were not spared. Our dock team made every effort to shore up the docks prior to the storm, but despite their hard work and diligent monitoring of the river, the extremely high water levels and power destroyed our docks. The South Dock was completely washed away and the North Dock sustained severe damage due to being hit by a large tree.  The result is a very premature end to the boating season. 

As I hope we can all understand, this is a very disappointing loss for our boating members as well as the loss of a major asset of the club.  The Board has already met to begin working on plans for our rebuild which I am confident the next design will be better than ever.  We will use this circumstance as an opportunity to redesign the system in a way that is safer and more durable for our variable river conditions.

There are several members looking into grants and funding options. If you have ideas or contacts that may be able to help, please be in touch.  This will obviously be a major, unplanned expense for the club and we welcome any creative ideas to fund the project. Please be on the lookout for fundraisers and opportunities to participate in the rebuild.

Once we have more information to share regarding the situation and plans for building, we will hold a meeting for any members who are interested.  There will also be additional social events planned to boost morale, and of course, fundraisers.  

My hope is that we can come together as an entire club to get through this challenge.  The club organization works as a whole because of  the three major components; boating, tennis and pool.  Without any of these, the numbers simply don't work.  We have worked hard over the last several years to build our membership as well as financial reserves and we will use both of those assets to recover.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and as always, invite you to share your talents to help the club move forward.  Be on the lookout for an email regarding the upcoming wine tasting and a "console the boaters" event.

Sara English

July 10, 2023 10:09 PM

River Safety, Wine Tasting, Guest Policy, Main House Painting

Good evening,


As you probably know, due to the tremendous amount of rain that has fallen in the last several days, the river is running extremely high and fast.  It is rising at approximately 1.6 feet per hour and is expected to crest at approximately 117.6 feet in the next 48 hours (normal is 103 feet).  The river poses a real danger at this time and we want to make it extremely clear the docks are closed to everyone until further notice. We appreciate the boaters taking swift action to remove their boats which will help mitigate damage.  If you are at the club in the next few days, please take extreme caution and stay away from the river bank.
We will send messages as the situation progresses.  Thank you for your attentio to this matter.

Wine Tasting
The next social event will be the Wine Tasting on Sunday, July 30.  Look out for an email at the end of the week with more details and a sign up sheet.  

Guest Policies
A reminder that guests may only come to the club one time per month.  Should you have house guests staying with you, or other extenuating circumstances, please be in touch.  Our guest sign in and payment policy is on the honor system and we ask you to respect it by signing in your guests and paying at that time.  If you have questions, any Board member would be happy to assist.

Painting Project
As you have probably seen, the painting and carpentry work taking place at the main house are progressing well.  Despite the wet weather, the contractors have persevered and are making good progress.  Please be mindful of the work area and keep children clear of any equipment,  We are working to get the project completed as quickly as possible.

Looks like we have a couple of sunny days ahead, we hope to see many of you at the club.  Please remember to stay clear of the bank until the river subsides. As always, if you have ideas or talents to share, please be in touch.

Best regards,
Sara English

July 2, 2023 6:59 AM

Weekend Updates

Good morning all,
We are delighted by the rousing response we have had for the Pig Roast taking place this afternoon.  The pig has arrived at the club and will begin preparation this morning.

We had a great start to swimming lessons with lots of young swimmers! Thank you to everyone who participated.

A few notes about the pools:

  • There is no food or drink allowed in either the big pool or baby pool at any time.  Plastic water bottles are the only containers that may be brought to either pool enclosure.  Coffees, coolers and all other food and beverage items should be left out at the picnic tables.

  • The small pool is for children 5 years old and younger.  Parents must be in the pool area watching children at all times. 

  • We have had trouble with children swinging on the gate to the small pool.  The self locking gate is required by law.  If it breaks, the pool will have to remain locked until it can be repaired.

Storage Room
We are attempting to organize the storage room in the main house.  There are three sets of metal "school style" lockers.  If anyone would like the lockers, we would be happy to have them removed. Please contact me if you are interested.
There are many unlabeled items stored in the space.  Please make sure any of your items are labeled and stored against the walls. Unlabeled items left after Wednesday will be removed.

Personal items outdoors
Please put your own items away every time you leave the club.  Grills, chairs and other personal belongings should not be left on the grounds overnight or when not in use.  Any items left are subject to be thrown away by the staff.  If you have extenuating circumstances, please be in contact with a staff member before the club closes that evening.

Wishing everyone a great holiday weekend.
Kind Regards,

June 29, 2023 6:59 AM

Pig Roast RSVP, Final day to buy HCC Gear, Swimming Lessons, Holiday Weekend

Dear Members,
Welcome to several new members who have joined over the last couple of weeks.  It finally feels like summer with the club in full operation and plenty of warm, humid weather.
A few updates as we approach the long holiday weekend:

Pig Roast/Pot Luck, Sunday, July 2 - 5.00pm

Come Celebrate Independence day with a Pig Roast / Pot Luck  5pm Sunday 7/2
We will be supplying a pig and hot dogs for kids.
Please bring your favorite appetizer, side, or dessert to share.
There will be live music by The Next Jen Band starting at 5.00pm.
This event is free for club members.  Guest fees will be $10 to attend.
Please RSVP on the following form so we know you will be attending.

Club Merchandise
We are in the final hours of the club gear sale.  Please place your orders before Friday at noon.  At that time, the store will close and the items will not be available again this year.

Fourth of July Weekend
A reminder it is expected to be a busy at the club this weekend. With many people taking time off and enjoying the holiday with family and friends it is often one of the busiest weekends of the year.  We appreciate your patience and ask for your consideration of others when parking,and using the facilities of the club.

Swimming lessons
Swimming lessons begin on Saturday, July 1.  Everyone who has submitted a form should have received a message from our Steward, Alexa.  The message from Alexa will let you know which lesson your child is registered to attend.

Volunteer Thank You!
A big shout out to Genevieve Deschaine and Amanda Tebo for organizing the Pancake Breakfast last weekend.  After a quiet couple of summers due to Covid, they let me know last year that they wanted to see more social events at the club and they were willing to make it happen.  Genevieve and Amanda, along with the Board Member Keith McCrodden and member Liz Washer have scheduled and planned several events for the season. Thank you for coordinating, shopping, setting up and managing the pancake breakfast.  We look forward to the Pig Roast and additional events throughout the summer.

Wishing you all a safe an enjoyable holiday weekend.
Best regards,
Sara English

June 22, 2023 5:59 AM

Good morning,
A quick reminder that our Pancake Breakfast will be this Saturday, June 24 from 9-11.  We are looking forward to seeing many members.  There is no fee, but we would appreciate you letting us know if you will attend by responding to this link by Thursday (6/22) by noon.
If the weather isn't great, we will make use of the newly painted snack bar area!

Swim lessons
Last call to sign up for swim lessons.  If you haven't already, please fill out the form linked here:
Our Steward, Alexa, will be reaching out to all parents by the end of this weekend to let you know which class your child will be assigned to.  Classes begin on July 1.

Racquet Sports email list
If you would like to hear about all the racquet sports activities taking place at the club this season, please contact our Racquet Sports Chair, Patrick Roche at to be added to the email list.

FaceBook Page
We use the Holyoke Canoe Club FaceBook page to communicate pool closures and last minute happenings at the club.  Please check it out, especially when the weather is questionable.  It is always great to share club photos.  Feel free to send some along when you get them and we will add them to the FaceBook page..

Member Thank You
Big thank you to Christopher Evans for his painstaking work on the front hedge.  Chris has been methodically going through the hedge to remove the weeds that were threatening to take it over.  It has been a lot of work, but will be so worth it when the hedge grows back stronger.  Thank you Chris for identifying the project and taking care of it!

Past emails
A quick note that thanks to our webmaster, Richard Getler, these emails are now saved on the webpage.  If you need to refer back to one for past information, they are available under "Club News".

Wishing everyone a wonderful first official summer weekend!
Warm regards,
Sara English

June 15, 2023 9:45 PM

Good evening all,
I am happy to report that we have received our certificate from the Board of Health to open the swimming pool Friday.  It was the result of the hard work of Board member Bill Cubi, many volunteers and some very diligent staff who prepared the pool and the pool house for the inspections this week.  Thank you to everyone who made it happen! 

Pool Schedule - 1st week
With that, we will have a modified pool schedule for the first week as we get our lifeguards out of school and up to full speed:
Friday, June 16 4.00pm-8.00pm
Saturday, June 17 11.00am-8.00pm
Sunday, June 18 11.00am-8.00pm
Monday, June 19 11.00am-8.00pm
Tuesday, June 20 1.00pm-6.00pm
Wednesday, June 21 1.00pm-6.00pm
Thursday, June 22 1.00pm-6.00pm
Friday, June 23 11.00am-8.00pm

  • Starting Sunday, June 25, there will be adult lap swim from 10,00am-11.00am on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday.

  • The baby pool will be open the same hours as the big pool until Friday, June 23. After that, it will be open from 8.00am-8.00pm.

  • Please remember the baby pool is for children under 5 who are accompanied by an adult.  No children should ever be in the area unattended.

  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied in the large pool area.

  • Children 12 and under must take a swim test in order to swim in the deep end of the pool without an adult.  Please see the lifeguard on duty to take the test.

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in either of the pool areas at any time.

  • Forms to sign up for swim lesson are on the website.  

Please stay tuned to our FaceBook page for weather related closures and notices.  The weather this weekend does not look very promising.

Pancake Breakfast, Saturday June 24
Reminder, the pancake breakfast is Saturday, June 24.  Please RSVP on the following link to let us know if you will be coming.  Hope to enjoy a delicious breakfast with all our members!

HCC Gear Sale
As we have done for the last couple of years, we will hold an online gear sale for HCC merchandise. The store is currently open and will close Sunday, June 25.  Once the orders close it will take approximately 4 weeks for the merchandise to be delivered.  You can pay to have it shipped to you, or you can pick your items up at the club. Please follow the link to make your purchases to support the club.

Guest passes
For those returning members who paid their dues before the deadline, you were emailed three complimentary guest passes earlier this week.  All guests should be registered when you sign in at the kiosk.  Please note if you are using one of your three passes or if you are paying the $5 fee.  The guest policy is an honor system and we appreciate you paying for your guests on the day they visit with you. Please refer to your member agreement for the rules regarding hosting guests at the club.
Any questions regarding guest passes may be directed to our Collector, Jennifer Gilburg, at

We wish all who celebrate a happy Father's Day and look forward to seeing you at the club.  Our gate staff will be stationed at the front of the building.  Members and guests are expected to stop and speak with them as you enter the grounds so they can check our membership roles.  
Have a great weekend.
Best regards,
Sara English

June 12, 2023 5:08 PM

Good afternoon, 

We are looking forward to getting the summer started and opening the pool for next weekend.  I will send another message later in the week when we get final confirmation from the Board of Health that we are ready to go.

Pancake Breakfast
We are excited for the Pancake Breakfast which will take place Saturday, June 24 from 9.00-11.00am.  Please RSVP on this link:
Our dock members will be hosting the event and have promised a delicious breakfast.  We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Swimming Lessons
Please find the link to the form to sign up for swim lessons.  They will begin on July 1 and run for 5 consecutive Saturdays. More details are available on the form.  
Forms may be scanned and emailed to me (drop off a check in the lock box at the kiosk), mailed to the club at PO Box 655, Holyoke 01041, or given to the gate staff (after next weekend).  
The lessons are first come first served and we do have a limit for how many children we can take into each class, so get your registration in ASAP.

Pool Opening
We expect to be able to open the pool Friday afternoon and be open through the weekend.  There will be modified hours during next week and then we expect to be fully operational by the following weekend.  Stay tuned for official word about the opening after we have our City inspection.  Exact pool opening and adult lap swim times will be confirmed in the next email.

A huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered already this season.  There have been too many hours given for me to count, and more members involved than ever before.  We truly appreciate all those who have given their time to make the club a better place for all of us to spend time this summer.

Stay tuned later this week for confirmation of pool opening and the hours as well as the link for an online HCC gear sale.

Best Regards,
Sara English

May 15, 2023 10:24 PM

Good evening,
The team who are working on the pool have let me know the weather looks favorable to get a significant amount of work done later this week.  We need to finish cleaning down the sides and floor of the pool as well as paint the baby pool and fix a few spots in the big pool.
To accommodate drying cleaning products as well as paint, we have set up three different shifts.  Please click on this Google form to let us know when you can help.
Your time and effort will be greatly appreciated to help us keep our old metal pool in great shape for another season.  Fun fact, the steel in the pool was once a Navy ship!
It will be messy work, but very satisfying.  We look forward to seeing you there at one of these shifts!
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Warm regards,

May 12, 2023 5:59 AM

Happy May!
It is finally feeling like Spring is here to stay and there is a lot of activity going on to get the club ready. Again, we have several new members we are pleased to welcome to the club.  

With so many new members, and some recent questions from long term members, I thought it would be a good time to explain the structure of the club. We are a member run organization, therefore we rely on members to volunteer to open, run and maintain the physical spaces as well as the organization of the club.  The Board are all members who volunteer their time year round to keep the club operating. There are a limited number of staff who are hired for the summer months to lifeguard, clean, monitor the gate and maintain the grounds.  The staff are almost all the children of members and are either in high school or college.  We are beholden to their school schedules and therefore do not have them before the end of June and lose them by Labor Day.

Parking lot
The final work on the docks will take place over the next two weeks.  Please be mindful of docks and equipment that may be spread around the parking area. Do not park near any equipment or block the docks.  We will send another reminder, but there will be no parking in the normal area on Friday, May 19 or Saturday, May 20.  Parking will only be allowed around the entry circle.
Once the docks are installed, the parking area will be graded to eliminate the pot holes and ruts.

Adopted gardens
Thank you to everyone who offered to adopt a garden.  We will let you know as they are completed so you can come admire them and thank the gardeners.  

Volunteer opportunities
We will need help cleaning and spot painting the big pool.  If you are willing to join in, let me know and we will work on coordinating times to accommodate the most people.

Tennis room update
The Tennis lounge project is well underway. 
Thanks to one of our members, the room has been framed and is currently being dry-walled. Wiring is underway and ceiling fans will be installed shortly. We look forward to a great reveal in the next few weeks.
A new shed will also be installed in the tennis area to accommodate some of the storage displaced by the new lounge.

We have signed a contract to have AEDs installed on the back of the pool house and outside the office in the main house.  Please familiarize yourselves with the locations.  The devices have been installed this week and although we hope they will never be needed, feel it is a good investment for the club.

Next week I will send out the event schedule for the season and have more updates on projects you can join to get the club fully open.  Happy Mother's Day to all who will be celebrating.
Warm regards,

April 28, 2023 5:59 AM

Happy Friday,


Welcome again to several new members.  We look forward to meeting you at the club.  The Board has been busy making plans for the season, including clean up day this Saturday, April 29.  All are invited, in fact requested, to come to the club Saturday morning between 9-12 to help prepare the property for opening.  We will have a variety of chores for you to select from, both indoors and out. There will be treats provided by our Events Committee who will also be on hand to tell you about some of the great activities planned for this year.

Jobs (and tools needed) we will be working on this weekend include:

  • Preparing the area where the new tennis shed will be located - shovels

  • Emptying the baby pool of leaves - snow shovels

  • Bringing pool furniture out of storage - muscles

  • Cleaning the pool walls - scrub brushes

  • Raking around the hard tennis courts - rakes

  • Cleaning the snack bar area in preparation for painting - elbow grease

  • Preparing the bathrooms to be open for the season 

  • Planting flowers - trowels

There is a lot to be done! Please come help, meet other members and enjoy the club.  If it is raining, we will be set up in the snack bar area with plenty of indoor jobs on the list. 

Adopt a flower bed!
For those of you who can't make it this weekend (or even if you can) we have a few small flower beds that could use some attention.  If you can make a plan and get it planted in the next month, we will pay for the plants and maintain it through the year.  Let me know if you are interested, and I will be happy to send you a list of the available spaces. Great activity for a family or group of friends.

Racquet Sports Committee
Our tennis committee Chair, Patrick Roche can be reached at  Please reach out to Pat if you would like to be added to the racquet sports email list to hear about all their great plans for the season.

Parking lot 
Please be aware work on the docks will be getting busy for the next few weeks.  When the docks are spread around the parking area, we ask you to be very careful and not park too close to them. As soon as the docks are installed, we will have repairs made to the parking area to even out the ruts and potholes.

We hope to see many of you Saturday morning.  As always, if you have ideas or talents to share, please be in touch.
Warm regards,

Sara English

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