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Boating Rules

  • ​Guest fees apply to all non-members and are to be paid upon their arrival either at the check-in gate (if staffed), or at the kiosk at times when the gate is not staffed. Anyone caught not following the guest policy by either not signing in and paying, or having a guest pose as the member to the gate staff, may lose their membership.

  • Guests are not allowed on property unless the member is present. If you are on the river you must physically be at the club to meet your guests.

  • Boat slips are NOT to be traded, “split” between others, sold, leased, or used as “guest” slips. If you are “splitting” a boat purchase, all parties must pay the boater membership fee. One cannot reap the benefits of a boater membership without paying the boater membership fee.

  • There is NO swimming, diving, jumping, or fishing off club docks.

  • No kayaks or canoes are to be launched from the dock or no wake areas.

  • Boater guests, including members of the club who are not boaters, are to be accompanied by the boater member at all times while on the docks.

  • Boats that are not running may pose a hazard/nuisance to other boaters or the environment. There are to be NO REPAIRS on the docks unless you have permission from the Dock Master to do so.

  • No fuel or refueling on the docks. If it is an emergency please contact the Dock Master prior to bringing any fuel down onto the docks.

  • Boaters are required to report any accidents or collisions with another boater or boat (at our docks) to the Dock Master ASAP.

  • Boaters are REQUIRED to carry insurance and provide this policy to the club prior to putting your boat in the water.

  • Only marine approved/sufficient bumpers, lines, hardware etc. allowed on the docks. Please do not use homemade or household gear to protect your boat or our docks. It will be the boater’s responsibility to reimburse the club for damage or repairs to our docks due to member negligence or insufficient marine protective bumpers, lines, or hardware.

  • The HCC will provide, but not install, 8” galvanized cleats and lag bolts and washers. Please do not use your own unless you speak with the Dock Master first.

  • Guests may not arrive by boat and use our slips. There are no guest slips; do not pirate a slip under any circumstances. If you have a question or request please contact the Dock Master.

  • Dogs must be leashed at ALL times and are only allowed to go to and from the parking lot and boat. Dogs are not otherwise allowed on property. Do not let your dog “do their business” near the picnic grounds, tennis courts, or pool areas. There is an area in the far northeast corner of the property where they can be walked on leash for this purpose only. Please pick up after your pet.

  • Dock assignments may be moved at the discretion of the Dock Master. Moves may occur to preserve the safety/integrity of the docks or to better suit the club’s need for space. Notification of the member and discussion of options will occur before moves are made. Refusing to move if needed may result in the termination of your membership without reimbursement.

  • Memberships and slip assignments are NOT guaranteed season to season. The Holyoke Canoe Club Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend, rescind, or un-invite any member who is “not in good standing”. A member whose behavior negatively impacts other members, employees, or the integrity of the membership will lose membership privileges including their dock space. There will be no reimbursement of membership dues or application fees if this happens.


The above guidelines are to help ensure member integrity and respect as well as member safety. These guidelines are only a guide and not inclusive of other issues that may arise and negatively affect your membership. Some violations will result in corrective requests and other violations may result in the indefinite suspension of the membership without refund. Refunds will be decided upon by the Executive Board of the club. Feel free to contact the Dock Master with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

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