Holyoke Canoe Club

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

Phase 1, Effective May 25 Until Further Notice


Guidelines are to be followed by ALL members and guests.

Club activity will be aligned with the Federal Government’s advised guidelines including social distancing measures (defined by the Centers for Disease Control

(CDC) and Prevention as keeping six feet apart).

Upon reopening, the following guidelines will be implemented. All members are expected to read the guidelines and familiarize themselves with the new requirements for use of the Club. Guidelines are expected to change as we determine how to best protect members based on new patterns of Club use and as Federal and Massachusetts guidance changes.

Do Not Come to the Holyoke Canoe Club (HCC) if:

  • You have symptoms of the COVID-19, including: any respiratory illness, fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, or any other symptom identified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Link: CDC Coronavirus

  • You have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

  • You are classified by the Federal Government/CDC as “vulnerable.”


Important Information for All Members:

  • The club and the pool houses (including bathrooms) will remain closed to all members until further notice. Only staff will have access to the buildings.

  • Staff cannot give members access to the buildings.

  • Practice strict social distancing of at least 6’ between people at all times for all activities. There should be no gatherings of multiple families or groups congregating at any time.

  • Masks should be worn if it is not possible to maintain appropriate social distancing.

  • Staff will wear masks when near members, guests, and other staff.

  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, and mask as needed.

  • The entire facility is carry-in/carry-out. Please do not leave any trash or recycling.

  • There will be tables for use on the riverbank and grounds, spaced at the required distance. Please do not move tables.

  • If hosting guests, send payment to the HCC (via regular mail or using the Pay Now button on this website's homepage), or submit in the envelopes provided at the Welcome Kiosk.


Additional Guidelines for Boating:

Link: Massachusetts Covid-19 Boating Guidelines

  • No gathering of groups will be permitted on the riverbank or on the docks.

  • All recreational crafts shall remain a safe distance apart. Tying boats or other crafts together is prohibited.

Additional Guidelines for Tennis:

Link: USTA Playing Tennis Safely

  • Activities are limited to social play and Club-approved activities.

  • Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches, etc. Gates will be left open whenever possible to limit the need to touch surfaces.

  • The common area chairs and tables will not be available at this time.

  • Alternating courts should be used for play when possible. If the number of players does not allow for such, then all courts can be used for playing singles. If playing doubles, an open or singles court must be between doubles courts.

  • Bring a full water bottle. There will be no facilities available for drinking water.

  • Practice caution with the tennis balls and avoid touching balls that others have touched. Each player should have their own can of balls which should be used when they serve, then returned to the can when others serve. Balls can be labeled with a marker if needed.

Please acknowledge that you have read, understand, and will abide by these guidelines by emailing Sara English at sara.e.english@gmail.com stating "I/We agree to abide by the HCC COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines”, which acknowledges agreement by everyone covered by your membership and all guests.


​Club open 7 am - 8 pm

Pools open 11 am - 8 pm in season



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