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​Old Ferry Road

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Boating Information

Recreational boaters have been docking at the Holyoke Canoe Club for over one hundred years and we are happy to continue the tradition. We offer two large seasonal docks with slips for approximately 40-50 boats. (Sorry, no canoes!)

Please be aware of our No Wake Zones and have a great boating season!

Dock Master

Kevin Kleszcynski


Boating Rules

  1. Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult with a boater membership.

  2. Children under 17 years of age are permitted to operate a boat as long as the operator of the vessel is legally qualified to do so under Massachusetts General Law. (see for specific guidelines regarding Massachusetts vessel operation laws for ages 12-16).

  3. There is NO swimming, diving, jumping, or fishing off club docks for obvious reasons.

  4. No kayaks or canoes are to be launched from the dock areas for safety reasons.  

  5. All boats, no matter length or style, are to only use marine style dock bumpers and boat fenders. Items such as carpet rolls, tires, firehose material, or home made items etc. are not to be fastened to docks or used as bumpers.

  6. Each boat slip shall have at least two 8” galvanized cleats, with 4” lags and washers, and is the responsibility of the boater occupying the slip. Dock lines shall be the appropriate strength to hold the vessel in place. The Dock Master will determine and notify the boat owners of any changes in equipment that need to be made. Boater and vessel safety will be our number one priority.

  7. Boaters shall not tie to other boater cleats or boats, nor should any boat be tied to docking hardware such as braces, or to the dock itself. All dock lines should be rolled and set aside to avoid a trip hazard. DO NOT pirate or take another slip without the Dock Master approval.

  8. NO fuel or refueling on the docks, please. If it is an emergency please contact the Dock Master prior to bringing any fuel down onto the dock.

  9. Boat slips are not to be traded, “split” between others, sold, leased, or used as “guest” slips unless approved by the Dock Master.

  10. Boats that are not running may pose a hazard/nuisance to other boaters or the environment. If the boater anticipates the repair to be more than 2 days he/she must report this to the Dock Master and make any appropriate requests. There are to be NO REPAIRS on the docks unless you have permission from the Dock Master to do so.

  11. Please do not board any boat without owner consent and please report any suspicious persons to a club employee immediately. Feel free to ask someone you are not familiar with if they are a member/boater. This is your club, too.

  12. While we try not to move dock assignments, it does happen. The Dock Master has the final say regarding positioning of slips to best suit the club.

  13. All boater guests must pay the club guest fee at the time of the visit, and must be present with their guest at all times. If there is no gate person on duty, it is your responsibility to sign them in at the kiosk and leave the fees in the provided envelope labeled with your name. If you are not present at the club your guest will not be allowed in. Anyone caught going around the guest policy and fees will be putting their membership in jeopardy.


The above guidelines are to help ensure member integrity and respect as well as member safety. These guidelines are only a guide and not inclusive of other issues that may arise and negatively affect your membership. Some violations will result in corrective requests and other violations may result in the indefinite suspension of the membership without refund. Refunds will be decided upon by the Executive Board of the club. Feel free to contact the Dock Master with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

ATTENTION: All guests of boater members must pay the Club guest fee.